Monday, 6 February 2012


I was gasping for air as if there isn't any air left in the world. I can't barely move. I can't stand the pain. I regretted half of my actions but after thinking back I saved their lives and that's something to be proud of even when you're half alive. I heard sounds of crying an tears ran down my cheeks. When I realized there are tears running down my cheek, I suddenly realized it wasn't mine. Why would I cry ? I forced my eyes to open but i can't.
"Please, open those big blue eyes. ", she said. I heard the tone of the dial pad. A few seconds later I heard someone talking . Suddenly, I hear voices of people. I forced my eyes to open again, I forced really hard. I couldn't help to cause I had the feeling of wanting to see where I was. I felt like I was moving on something. It moved so fast. Then I heard a voice I wish I heard sooner. "Hold on, Jane, hold on.", by just hearing her voice I knew everything would be alright.  I opened my eyes and I see her. I smiled at her eventhough it hurts only just to smile. I held on her hand tightly. She was shocked but she smiled back and asked me to close my eyes. And so I did ...